"Thanks" a poem by Colin Nunn

Thank you Lord for your goodness,

For the love you have for me,

A love so great, so endless,

deeper than the deepest sea.


Thanks for the peace that knowing you brings,

So that my heart’s at rest;

No matter what the problem is,

I know it’s for the best.


Thank you too for mercy,

That saved me from a fate

That’s worse than death; my sin was black,

My heart was filled with hate.


But I came to you and asked for help.

You saw my need and then,

You changed my heart, and put me on

The path of life again.


Knowing you is just so great,

That I can’t take it in.

And I thank you Lord, that if you’re with me,

I can’t help but win.


For you’re not like a poor weak man,

No, you won’t change your mind.

Your patience, love and mercy

Will always be the kind


That lasts for all eternity,

and covers all my needs.

Thank you Lord forever

For your gracious mighty deeds,


The deeds of love that sent your Son,

To open up a way

For such as me to lose my guilt.

Now, how can I repay


For such a love? I simply can’t.

So instead, I’ll say,

“Thank you Lord”. I’ll thank you

Through the eternal day.

Colin Nunn

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