Keeping On

Keeping On

by Colin Nunn


The long road is often hard,

and as I walk I stumble into holes of doubt,

through weeds of fear, and swamps of sin –

Again I begin,

For the way is ever a beginning;

and the secret of success is found

in rising up and moving on, though weary,

when life seems dreary,

I set my face toward the New Jerusalem,

as Christ once did the Old, to meet His cross,

to buy the Church; His bride.

I discard my pride

And limp foolishly through crowds

of leaping, laughing folks who jeer

and sneer and go the other way.

I can but pray

And leave them to their will;

for never yet has man been forced

to choose the best

against the rest.

The road is hard to find

amid the glare of seeming life;

the search is difficult and time is short.

But to have sought

for life so distant and intangible

is not considered wise

when joys on earth are plentiful and free.

But not for me

the regret and emptiness of human taste.

My satisfaction is not in the thrill

of earthly pleasure.

Heaven holds my treasure.

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