To My Sweetheart


I miss my little Sweetheart whenever we’re apart,

I miss her sweet companionship that mends and soothes my heart.

To know that I am treasured, and loved no matter what,

Persistent love that carries on; not running cold and hot,

Still brings me joy; inspires me as nothing else can do,

She is so rare, exceptional, the likes of her are few.

I fail her, yes I know this, it’s often on my mind,

But by word and deed she continues to show me she is kind.

She’s patient, wise, and caring, she’s forgiving to the end,

So special; I’ll do anything rather than offend

My special little Sweetheart whose love I cherish so,

For her my heart will always have a special pleasant glow.

One Response to “To My Sweetheart”

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    Awww! Isn’t that sweet. Shame it’s late for valentines!
    I’ve been enjoying your poetry dad. Hope to see some more of it.