The Smile That Lifts Me Up

The Smile that lifts me up

Your smile is truly magic,

It lights up your pretty face;

It enhances its surroundings

With the sweetness of your grace.

When my day has been unhappy,

And I’m weary and distressed;

When I’m wondering if I’ll make it,

And by strife I’m sorely pressed,

Then beholding your dear visage,

Shining brightly with good cheer,

I am lifted up; encouraged,

By your smile so brilliant – clear.

Its effulgence, dazzling, beaming,

Radiates to all around

Somehow, joy and glad acceptance;

As though in it can be found

All the happiness of Heaven,

And pure pleasures of the Earth,

For your smile’s the greatest treasure,

And is of a treasure’s worth.


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    I think this is my favorite of all. Can’t tell you why just now, but this one really is beautiful…and evoked the greatest emotion from me. It was like, “wow”….this man really can write poetry! The others are wonderful, too, but this one…this one…is my favorite of them all. I, also, am enamored of my husband’s smile, and so maybe that has something to do with it…the subject matter. Linda, Arizona

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