Friends are family with no blood ties,
Friends are people that I prize,
Friends are helpful, friends are kind,
Friends bring healing to my mind.

When alone and feeling low,
I go to visit friends I know,
Whose open arms are strength to me,
Whose smiles are given generously.

I know they’re pleased to see my face,
I can rely upon their grace.
Their presence is supportive, strong,
I truly feel that I belong,

Around them, with them, in their home.
Should I wander, should I roam,
I have their presence in my heart,
Though miles away, we’re not apart.

And as I lie in bed at night,
I thank the Lord who sends the light,
For friends He sends to cultivate,
My soul for Heaven’s open gate.

Colin Nunn

One Response to “Friends”

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    Very nice! That is very true…”Friends are family with no blood ties….” love that line….I’ve always thought of certain friends as family, but never thought to put it into those words. Linda, Arizona