The Yearning Soul

The Yearning Soul There’s a dearth within my soul that keeps me yearning, For something that the world cannot provide; A desire for peace and purpose always burning; A joy elusive unattained untried. And how to fill this lack was all my searching: Through popularity and flesh and eye, And wilderness desire I stumbled, lurching; […]

Not Valentine

Not ValentineValentines are for the young, the foolish and the shallow.True romantic love is much more than flowers;It is being there for each other;It is commitment no matter what;It is caring.It sets an example of kindness;It does not wait for love to be returned;Rather, it lavishes itself so thatIt’s object is enriched, and in turn,It […]

The End of Struggle

A struggle is this Christian way, From morning to the end of day, For I am only sinful clay. Hard, and endless is the fight, Only darkness only night, Where is the promise of the light? The tempter digs his talons deep, Hinders me on slope so steep, A leper, I must wail and weep. […]

What do I think about God?

What do I think about God? God is there, I have no doubt. How does He look on me? His word says not just that He loves me, but that He is love. ~~~~ How do I feel about that? I’m glad that it’s so but, I often feel so far away And find it […]


Friends Friends are family with no blood ties, Friends are people that I prize, Friends are helpful, friends are kind, Friends bring healing to my mind. When alone and feeling low, I go to visit friends I know, Whose open arms are strength to me, Whose smiles are given generously. I know they’re pleased to […]

My Love

My Love I’m always pleased to greet My lovely rose so sweet, She is fragrant as the flowers Growing lustrous on the bowers, And scented springtime heat. — Her kiss is precious dew And tastes of springtime too. Her arms are warm and caring, Her heart is kind and sharing, Her blemishes are few. — […]

A Woman such as You

A Woman such as You What do I feel – what do I experience when I think of you? I get a sense of joy as I see your face in my mind’s eye; When I remember the fun you bring to my life; The pleasure your smile brings out in me. To recollect the […]

A Stranger

A Stranger A short time ago you were a stranger Who had moved into the peripheral of my vision; A shadow that flitted From her door to who knows where. Neighbours we were and alien; Polite but distant; involved in self-interest, But I began to see you; A person to notice and to consider. No […]

The Smile That Lifts Me Up

The Smile that lifts me up Your smile is truly magic, It lights up your pretty face; It enhances its surroundings With the sweetness of your grace. When my day has been unhappy, And I’m weary and distressed; When I’m wondering if I’ll make it, And by strife I’m sorely pressed, Then beholding your dear […]

To My Sweetheart

Sweetheart I miss my little Sweetheart whenever we’re apart, I miss her sweet companionship that mends and soothes my heart. To know that I am treasured, and loved no matter what, Persistent love that carries on; not running cold and hot, Still brings me joy; inspires me as nothing else can do, She is so […]