How Thankful

“How Thankful” a poem by Colin Nunn ~~~~ How thankful, how grateful that I should receive; not what I deserve, but what I believe. For if I received what I ought, then I should be lost in my faults; thereā€™d be nothing I could Do to redeem the time wasted on Earth; for man is […]

Keeping On

Keeping On by Colin Nunn ~~~~~ The long road is often hard, and as I walk I stumble into holes of doubt, through weeds of fear, and swamps of sin – Again I begin, For the way is ever a beginning; and the secret of success is found in rising up and moving on, though […]

"Thanks" a poem by Colin Nunn

Thank you Lord for your goodness, For the love you have for me, A love so great, so endless, deeper than the deepest sea. ___ Thanks for the peace that knowing you brings, So that my heart’s at rest; No matter what the problem is, I know it’s for the best. ___ Thank you too […]