The Yearning Soul

The Yearning Soul

There’s a dearth within my soul that keeps me yearning,

For something that the world cannot provide;

A desire for peace and purpose always burning;

A joy elusive unattained untried.

And how to fill this lack was all my searching:

Through popularity and flesh and eye,

And wilderness desire I stumbled, lurching;

I blindly fumbled, following the lie.

Transitory joys and thrills, all drew me,

Thirsting, longing for an even greater share,

Of satisfaction that evaded, almost slew me,

While blinded by false light’s brassy glare.

The solution to my soul’s unanswered questing,

Was found within the Preacher’s wisdom words;

To live in Christ, to be at His behesting,

Walking in His Spirit undergirds.

For man was made an empty vessel needing,

To reflect with joy his Maker’s guiding mien;

To be daily on His word replete from feeding,

Thirst fully quenched and soul now whole and clean.

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