The Yearning Soul

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The Yearning Soul

There’s a dearth within my soul that keeps me yearning,

For something that the world cannot provide;

A desire for peace and purpose always burning;

A joy elusive unattained untried.

And how to fill this lack was all my searching:

Through popularity and flesh and eye,

And wilderness desire I stumbled, lurching;

I blindly fumbled, following the lie.

Transitory joys and thrills, all drew me,

Thirsting, longing for an even greater share,

Of satisfaction that evaded, almost slew me,

While blinded by false light’s brassy glare.

The solution to my soul’s unanswered questing,

Was found within the Preacher’s wisdom words;

To live in Christ, to be at His behesting,

Walking in His Spirit undergirds.

For man was made an empty vessel needing,

To reflect with joy his Maker’s guiding mien;

To be daily on His word replete from feeding,

Thirst fully quenched and soul now whole and clean.

Not Valentine

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Not Valentine

Valentines are for the young, the foolish and the shallow.
True romantic love is much more than flowers;
It is being there for each other;
It is commitment no matter what;
It is caring.
It sets an example of kindness;
It does not wait for love to be returned;
Rather, it lavishes itself so that
It’s object is enriched, and in turn,
It too seeks expression in love
Toward others.

I am self-centred and weak.
Therefore to love is a struggle.
But the worthiness of she who needs to be loved
Produces resolve, and strong desire
To commit unto costly fidelity.
She is worthy;
For she is an example of kindness;
She loves as the expression of her heart,
And that lavished love,
Enriches my life, and as a consequence,
I desire to reciprocate that love,
And bless her in return.

My love is a great joy.
My love is a warm heart.
She is comforting arms and cheering company.
she is fun and friendliness.
She is common-sense and steadiness with
Physical beauty.
My love teaches me kindness,
And natural consideration toward others
As typical and normal.
As I watch, I learn and am enriched
By who and what she is:
My Love; My Treasure.

The End of Struggle

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A struggle is this Christian way,
From morning to the end of day,
For I am only sinful clay.

Hard, and endless is the fight,
Only darkness only night,
Where is the promise of the light?

The tempter digs his talons deep,
Hinders me on slope so steep,
A leper, I must wail and weep.

But wait there is a promise sweet,
Jesus the Son will guide my feet,
To walk the the straight and earnest street.

He has given all I need,
For me He came to die and bleed,
For me, a bruised and wilting reed,

His death by faith to me ensures,
A hope that constantly endures,
My sin sick soul in love He cures.

The death He suffered on the cross,
Produced for me the final loss
Of all my evil, all my dross.

No more do I bewail my fate,
His power to change and heal are great;
I live in Holy Spirit state.

Thank you my God for saving grace,
That lifts me to a higher place,
Where I can look upon your face.

What do I think about God?

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What do I think about God?

God is there, I have no doubt.

How does He look on me?

His word says not just that He loves me, but that He is love.


How do I feel about that?

I’m glad that it’s so but,

I often feel so far away

And find it hard to keep in my heart that fact that He does love me.


How then can I believe?

Living in this world distorts

My view of God’s love,

And it’s easier to feel isolated than to feel loved.


What is the answer?

I must not avoid Him because

I know that He is there;

Yet His word seems to demand more from me than I can give.


What does it come down to?

I will trust in His great mercy

As the Prodigal did His Dad.

Not what I am Oh Lord, but Who You are is what counts.


What can I offer Him for my soul?

Nothing – for there was once an offering

Made for hopeless men such as me.

I thank Him for the mercy that foresaw and met my need.


Am I feeling far from God?

I am assured by His faithful word

That I am loved by a greater love

Than any man can ever understand or appreciate.


What then do I think about God?

God is there I have no doubt.

How does He look on me?

He doesn’t just love, He is love and can’t be anything else.

Therefore I will trust Him no matter what may come, or how I feel.

Colin Nunn


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Friends are family with no blood ties,
Friends are people that I prize,
Friends are helpful, friends are kind,
Friends bring healing to my mind.

When alone and feeling low,
I go to visit friends I know,
Whose open arms are strength to me,
Whose smiles are given generously.

I know they’re pleased to see my face,
I can rely upon their grace.
Their presence is supportive, strong,
I truly feel that I belong,

Around them, with them, in their home.
Should I wander, should I roam,
I have their presence in my heart,
Though miles away, we’re not apart.

And as I lie in bed at night,
I thank the Lord who sends the light,
For friends He sends to cultivate,
My soul for Heaven’s open gate.

Colin Nunn

My Love

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My Love

I’m always pleased to greet

My lovely rose so sweet,

She is fragrant as the flowers

Growing lustrous on the bowers,

And scented springtime heat.

Her kiss is precious dew

And tastes of springtime too.

Her arms are warm and caring,

Her heart is kind and sharing,

Her blemishes are few.

For she is tender, gentle,

In no wise temperamental;

But loving and forgiving;

Always ever living,

Above all transcendental.

She is My Love My Dear,

For her I know no peer,

I pine for her to be with me;

To hear her voice will always be

Music to my ear.

A Woman such as You

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A Woman such as You

What do I feel – what do I experience when I think of you?

I get a sense of joy as I see your face in my mind’s eye;

When I remember the fun you bring to my life;

The pleasure your smile brings out in me.

To recollect the wonder of your companionship;

to bask in the warmth of that recollection;

To know again and again that you are the most wonderful gift

That God could give me in this life;

To rejoice in the prospect that you presence brings;

The future with your gentle touch, your kindness, your love;

To look back on the past days with which you have gifted me;

Satisfaction, care, wisdom, soft unobtrusive guidance;

These things are always with me – in my mind;

and I carry them around with me as treasures and pleasures.

They brighten my days, and calm my nights, and lift me to a level of

happiness I never thought possible.

For a man such as me.

A Stranger

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A Stranger

A short time ago you were a stranger

Who had moved into the peripheral of my vision;

A shadow that flitted

From her door to who knows where.

Neighbours we were and alien;

Polite but distant; involved in self-interest,

But I began to see you;

A person to notice and to consider.

No enchantress – nor a megastar;

No effusion of charm and allure along with

her pride and arrogance,

But simply courteous and gracious.

You soon became a special friend;

One whose presence I awaited eagerly each day.

When I failed to see you,

My day was incomplete, something was missing.

Your cheery welcoming smile

Was a thing that I came to cherish greatly.

You gave me delight,

And in time became my greatest treasure.

Now, the unthinkable has happened

To me who believed that a perfect partner

Was not only impossible,

But simply a dream for the young and for fools.

My youthful dream has come true My Love,

And the stranger who entered my life then

Has become my perfect partner,

Now and for all times until the end of our lives.

All my love, once your neighbour, now you husband.

The Smile That Lifts Me Up

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The Smile that lifts me up

Your smile is truly magic,

It lights up your pretty face;

It enhances its surroundings

With the sweetness of your grace.

When my day has been unhappy,

And I’m weary and distressed;

When I’m wondering if I’ll make it,

And by strife I’m sorely pressed,

Then beholding your dear visage,

Shining brightly with good cheer,

I am lifted up; encouraged,

By your smile so brilliant – clear.

Its effulgence, dazzling, beaming,

Radiates to all around

Somehow, joy and glad acceptance;

As though in it can be found

All the happiness of Heaven,

And pure pleasures of the Earth,

For your smile’s the greatest treasure,

And is of a treasure’s worth.


To My Sweetheart

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I miss my little Sweetheart whenever we’re apart,

I miss her sweet companionship that mends and soothes my heart.

To know that I am treasured, and loved no matter what,

Persistent love that carries on; not running cold and hot,

Still brings me joy; inspires me as nothing else can do,

She is so rare, exceptional, the likes of her are few.

I fail her, yes I know this, it’s often on my mind,

But by word and deed she continues to show me she is kind.

She’s patient, wise, and caring, she’s forgiving to the end,

So special; I’ll do anything rather than offend

My special little Sweetheart whose love I cherish so,

For her my heart will always have a special pleasant glow.