My Love

My Love I’m always pleased to greet My lovely rose so sweet, She is fragrant as the flowers Growing lustrous on the bowers, And scented springtime heat. — Her kiss is precious dew And tastes of springtime too. Her arms are warm and caring, Her heart is kind and sharing, Her blemishes are few. — […]

A Woman such as You

A Woman such as You What do I feel – what do I experience when I think of you? I get a sense of joy as I see your face in my mind’s eye; When I remember the fun you bring to my life; The pleasure your smile brings out in me. To recollect the […]

A Stranger

A Stranger A short time ago you were a stranger Who had moved into the peripheral of my vision; A shadow that flitted From her door to who knows where. Neighbours we were and alien; Polite but distant; involved in self-interest, But I began to see you; A person to notice and to consider. No […]

The Smile That Lifts Me Up

The Smile that lifts me up Your smile is truly magic, It lights up your pretty face; It enhances its surroundings With the sweetness of your grace. When my day has been unhappy, And I’m weary and distressed; When I’m wondering if I’ll make it, And by strife I’m sorely pressed, Then beholding your dear […]