A Woman such as You

A Woman such as You

What do I feel – what do I experience when I think of you?

I get a sense of joy as I see your face in my mind’s eye;

When I remember the fun you bring to my life;

The pleasure your smile brings out in me.

To recollect the wonder of your companionship;

to bask in the warmth of that recollection;

To know again and again that you are the most wonderful gift

That God could give me in this life;

To rejoice in the prospect that you presence brings;

The future with your gentle touch, your kindness, your love;

To look back on the past days with which you have gifted me;

Satisfaction, care, wisdom, soft unobtrusive guidance;

These things are always with me – in my mind;

and I carry them around with me as treasures and pleasures.

They brighten my days, and calm my nights, and lift me to a level of

happiness I never thought possible.

For a man such as me.

One Response to “A Woman such as You”

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    Wow! This one took my breath away! This is quite a woman
    you wrote this for. This a a man in love! Enjoyed this one very
    much. Linda, Arizona

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