A Stranger

A Stranger

A short time ago you were a stranger

Who had moved into the peripheral of my vision;

A shadow that flitted

From her door to who knows where.

Neighbours we were and alien;

Polite but distant; involved in self-interest,

But I began to see you;

A person to notice and to consider.

No enchantress – nor a megastar;

No effusion of charm and allure along with

her pride and arrogance,

But simply courteous and gracious.

You soon became a special friend;

One whose presence I awaited eagerly each day.

When I failed to see you,

My day was incomplete, something was missing.

Your cheery welcoming smile

Was a thing that I came to cherish greatly.

You gave me delight,

And in time became my greatest treasure.

Now, the unthinkable has happened

To me who believed that a perfect partner

Was not only impossible,

But simply a dream for the young and for fools.

My youthful dream has come true My Love,

And the stranger who entered my life then

Has become my perfect partner,

Now and for all times until the end of our lives.

All my love, once your neighbour, now you husband.

3 Responses to “A Stranger”

  1. 1

    These are all really sweet dad. Mil’s keeps going “Awww” every time she reads one. Now she expects me to be romantic…

    I really like this one in particular, but I can’t say why.

    And the new theme is pretty nice too! It’s a frenzy of activity here.

  2. 2

    Hi Colin,
    nice to see you have a bias to the two great loves in your life.
    I like the last poem the best, but believe that with severe editing and critical analytical revision you could come up[ with the same in an improved version.
    The first poem with the question answer format I am not sure of, but enjoyable reading in as much as I can share your faith and life with you through your words.

  3. 3

    Oh wow…this should turn into a short stories for all those out there who think that the impossible cannot happen. Very romantic….what a great story! I hope you will take it even farther than a poem, however, and share it in the form of a short story…as many English authors have done. It may also give those who are too afraid to speak up with a neighbor do so, and, perhaps, find the love of their lives. I’m so glad you showed this to me, Colin, as I did not know how you and your wife met. Very very nice….thanks for sharing! Linda, Arizona