How Thankful

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“How Thankful” a poem by Colin Nunn


How thankful, how grateful that I should receive;

not what I deserve, but what I believe.

For if I received what I ought, then I should

be lost in my faults; there’d be nothing I could

Do to redeem the time wasted on Earth;

for man is found twisted and crooked from birth.

The outcome how sad, of this warp in his frame:

Instead of uprightness, he’s crippled and lame.


If it were needful for man to repair

the damage he’s done, then not one could bear,

The challenge of guilt, the heart that must quail

at the hopelessness of the soul that will fail;

Though hard he will struggle to make himself right,

the mountain of victory is large, and its height;

Is greater than any encounter in life,

and harder by far than all kinds of strife.


The good news is better than man can expect

“Whoever will come, God will not reject’;

Such is the love that the Father has shown;

the harvest reflects not the seed that is sown,

But a vast field of joy; of souls that are pure,

who into the ages of ages endure;

Because of the love of the Father for those

who without him had no chance of rest or repose.


How can I deserve the chance to repent?

It isn’t an issue, for God simply sent,

His Beautiful Son to pay for my wrong.

Instead of rejection He gives me a song,

That’s instilled in my heart along with a pledge

that He’s hedging my heart around with the hedge,

Of protection from all the result of past guilt,

and the filter of Spirit to remove all the silt.


Simply ‘believe’ is the answer to sin;

not wrestling and striving in order to win,

We’re no longer condemned who simply believe;

those who trust in His word are those who achieve

Eternal forgiveness for all they have done.

When God looks at them He sees only His Son,

Who paid the great price so they could belong

to His own great family, cleansed from all wrong.


The message is patent for all who will hear;

there’s no need for living enslaved by your fear,

God says ‘It’s by grace you’re forgiven your sin’

It’s surely by faith; we believe him; to win

Freedom from all of eternity’s qualms,

and a peace that enables, assures us and calms,

All of our doubts and all of our fears,

no room for anxiety, fretting or tears

Keeping On

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Keeping On

by Colin Nunn


The long road is often hard,

and as I walk I stumble into holes of doubt,

through weeds of fear, and swamps of sin –

Again I begin,

For the way is ever a beginning;

and the secret of success is found

in rising up and moving on, though weary,

when life seems dreary,

I set my face toward the New Jerusalem,

as Christ once did the Old, to meet His cross,

to buy the Church; His bride.

I discard my pride

And limp foolishly through crowds

of leaping, laughing folks who jeer

and sneer and go the other way.

I can but pray

And leave them to their will;

for never yet has man been forced

to choose the best

against the rest.

The road is hard to find

amid the glare of seeming life;

the search is difficult and time is short.

But to have sought

for life so distant and intangible

is not considered wise

when joys on earth are plentiful and free.

But not for me

the regret and emptiness of human taste.

My satisfaction is not in the thrill

of earthly pleasure.

Heaven holds my treasure.

"Thanks" a poem by Colin Nunn

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Thank you Lord for your goodness,

For the love you have for me,

A love so great, so endless,

deeper than the deepest sea.


Thanks for the peace that knowing you brings,

So that my heart’s at rest;

No matter what the problem is,

I know it’s for the best.


Thank you too for mercy,

That saved me from a fate

That’s worse than death; my sin was black,

My heart was filled with hate.


But I came to you and asked for help.

You saw my need and then,

You changed my heart, and put me on

The path of life again.


Knowing you is just so great,

That I can’t take it in.

And I thank you Lord, that if you’re with me,

I can’t help but win.


For you’re not like a poor weak man,

No, you won’t change your mind.

Your patience, love and mercy

Will always be the kind


That lasts for all eternity,

and covers all my needs.

Thank you Lord forever

For your gracious mighty deeds,


The deeds of love that sent your Son,

To open up a way

For such as me to lose my guilt.

Now, how can I repay


For such a love? I simply can’t.

So instead, I’ll say,

“Thank you Lord”. I’ll thank you

Through the eternal day.

Colin Nunn